David Forsyth

David Forsyth

Teacher, Kootenai Community Church

Appears in 14 Episodes

The History of Doctrine - Fundamentalism: Inerrancy and Experience

How and why did fundamentalism arise and why are we indebted to those early separatists? Where did the Charismatic movement come from and why is it dangerous to the lo...

The History of Doctrine - Denominations: Division and Conscience

Where did denominations come from, and how did they arise? Are they a blessing or a curse? Why are there so many denominations?

The History of Doctrine - Calvin and Calvinism

In this lesson, we examined the conflict between the followers of John Calvin and the followers of James Arminius comparing and constraining the two divergent views of...

The History of Doctrine - Zwingli and the Anabaptists

In tonight’s lesson, we explored the turbulent life of Ulrich Zwingli, from his launching of the Swiss Reformation to his communion controversy with Luther to his trag...

The History of Doctrine - Roman Catholic Salvation

How does salvation work according to Rome? What role does purgatory play? Does Rome still teach indulgences?

The History of Doctrine - The "Sacrifice" of the Mass

Tonight's study will briefly examine "The Mass," explaining the process and why it is an essential and unreformable part of Roman Catholic theology.

The History of Doctrine - Monasticism

Learn why we are deeply indebted to this strange and unfamiliar practice. How did monasticism prepare the world to move from the relative darkness of the Middle Ages t...

The History of Doctrine - The Rise of Islam

Born in the seventh century AD, Islam has become the fastest-growing world religion. Where did it come from? What does it teach? In this lesson, we will explore these ...

The History of Doctrine - The Council of Chalcedon

In this lesson, we will complete our study of Christological controversies by looking at the "four fences" of Chalcedonian orthodoxy which provide boundaries beyond wh...

The History of Doctrine - Controversy and Canonicity

In this lesson, we inquired into the controversy over icons as well as inadequate theories of the atonement proposed during the 12th century.  We also evaluated the Di...

The History of Doctrine - Canonicity

Did the Church form the canon or did the canon form the Church? How does a Believer know what is Scripture and what isn’t? How we answer these questions will set the t...

The History of Doctrine - Heretical Sects

Tonight’s study introduces a number of the heretical sects (and resins) from the first 300 years of the church.

The History of Doctrine - The Early Church Fathers

We briefly cover the lives and contributions of several well-known church fathers from the second and third centuries.

The History of Doctrine - Introduction

An introduction to the History of Doctrine. For the next several months, we will trace the historical development of theology and gain a much greater understanding of ...

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